GAC for Prospective and Applicant Programs

You offer a project management degree program, but how do you know if it’s meeting the needs of your students? How can you be sure you’re embracing the highest standards of scope, credibility and quality?

Whether you have an established program or you’re just starting out, GAC accreditation puts your program on the right track.

What GAC accreditation means

For academic programs, accreditation publicly confirms that your project management program meets comprehensive quality standards and can prepare students for success in project management careers.

The GAC is a member of the Association and Professional Accreditors (ASPA), the only unified, national voice that supports the importance of specialized and professional education. GAC subscribes to the ASPA Code of Good Practice.

How to accredit your program

Interested in taking the next step? GAC accreditation is a four-step process involving a letter of intent, a self-evaluation report, the on-site visit and the GAC accreditation decision.

Apply to have your project management degree program accredited.

About project management

If you’re unfamiliar with project management, use the links below to learn more information on what it is, who executes projects, and how Project Management Institute (PMI) works to advance the profession.

Additional resources

Find resources that will help you shape your curricula, obtain research funding, collaborate with expert practitioners and more on, a dedicated website that PMI has created for educators and researchers. Find white papers, case studies, syllabi samples and articles discussing the benefits of teaching project management and simple ways to get started.