Accredit your degree program

As a specialized or programmatic accrediting body, the GAC focuses on individual programs within an institution, rather than the entire institution itself.

Using a thorough review process, the GAC ensures the scope and quality of project management degree programs. We confer accreditation only upon the programs that meet the standards defined in GAC Handbook of Accreditation of Degree Programs in Project Management — Third Edition. Please see the program fee schedule effective 1 January 2012.

The accreditation process has four steps:

  1. Letter of intent / executive summary
  2. Self-evaluation report
  3. Onsite visit evaluation
  4. GAC decision

For detailed directions, download the instructions from the GAC handbook (See pages 11-17 of the GAC Handbook).

Additional materials:

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Obtain Assistance

You are also encouraged to obtain assistance throughout the GAC application process by contacting the GAC staff. We can assist you with any questions you have about the process, from developing your Letter of Intent/Executive Summary to any aspect of the process. Additionally, we can connect you with volunteer GAC mentors who have agreed to provide guidance in the process. These mentors work in GAC accredited project management programs. We look forward to hearing from you!

GAC Accreditation Policies and Processes

Appeal of a Decision by the GAC: Any denial or withdrawal of accreditation may be appealed according to the appeals process established by the GAC Board. Please download the GAC Appeals Policy and Process document for further information.

Complaints Against a GAC Accredited Program: The GAC is concerned with maintaining programmatic integrity and performance, which are consistent with its established policies and standards. Download the GAC Complaint Policy and Process document for further information concerning the process to lodge a complaint against a GAC accredited program.